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Organizing Innovation 2012-- Monday 1-2, Fayerweather 302

This webpage is for students of Organizing Innovation Spring 2012 (Monday section).  

I will not share this page with anyone who is not in the class, nor will I ever link to it.  I have removed your last names from anywhere they would potentially appear.  If you have any privacy concerns, please let me know.  

cursory section minutes that I will post each Monday evening
(if you guys want to create a shared "Notes" for class and/or section, I'm happy to include the link here as well)

Office Hours        
Thursdays 9:20-10:20 in Butler Cafe, by appointment  
(you will need a Google account to use this; it goes straight to my calendar)

1=present, E=excused, please check for errors

in-section created documents, not required reading that is mentioned, etc.  

raise questions or comments, post anything related to the class 
(via Blogger; Google account required to be added as author; privacy set so that only authors may view)

I am aware that I am wholly owned by Big Brother.  

Any site recommendations, please email me at jhr2130@columbia.edu.