New York City Hospital Births

Where do women go to give birth?  Is their address directly related to the hospital at which they give birth, or is it also related to the cultural community in which they live or the method that they choose to give birth?  How can two hospitals in close proximity to each other have such divergent cesarean section rates?  Does the presence of midwives have anything to do with this?

This ongoing project uses various sources of quantitative data and GIS software to map and analyze birth trends in New York City. 

The Breadwinner's Financial Satisfaction

Within couples, is the breadwinner more financially satisfied than the secondary earner?  And does it make a difference if a female or male is in the breadwinner position?  Through a series of ordered logistic regressions, I am analyzing over thirty years of data from the General Social Survey to explore these questions.

Home Pregnancy Tests

How did the pregnancy test go from the doctor's office to the home, both legally and technologically?  How have women experienced its use, personally and socially?  How has the home pregnancy test influenced the legal path or the social understanding of other home diagnostics?  Through historical research and interviews, I am in the process of collecting data for analysis.